Laser vision correction is around since the 90s and is a time-tested and reliable procedure. It is an extremely safer procedure because, in the procedure, there is no flap or cut taking place in the cornea. It’s all LASER. The laser will shape and reshape the cornea depending on the power of your eye. This laser procedure doesn’t even create any dryness and retains the strength of the cornea as it was earlier. Using the advanced equipment, it’s a total walk-in and walk-out procedure. The procedure takes about 3-5 minutes per eye. You further stay in the hospital goes for 30-60 minutes for further care instructions and you are good to leave. The important Dos are taking the medicines and drops as per the prescription. The important DONT’S is, do not touch or rub your eyes.

  • Blade free (All-Laser) procedure
  • 100% disposables to ensure minimum risk of infection
  • Enhanced safety, precision and predictability of the procedure
  • Thorough preoperative evaluation and stringent patient selection to ensure Safety
  • Reduced risk of dry eyes and vision threatening complications
  • Thorough diagnosis for enhanced preoperative planning
  • Enhanced quality of vision
  • Customized surgery for each eye for superior night vision
  • Wide range of treatable numbers (Myopia upto -12 D, Hyperopia upto +6 D, Astigmatism upto +6 D)

Our Results

  • Precise and predictable results
  • Quick recovery
  • Minimized chances of regression


  • At the Lasik centre, utmost care is taken to ensure patient safety and consistent results. That’s why we use advanced technology to minimize the chances of damage to the vision. We are proud to say that at present, we are one of the  few centres  in the country offering “Completely Blade free” customizable Femtosecond Laser LASIK solutions. The approach at the lasik Service combines the Advanced Blade Free Femtosecond Laser, tissue sparing and fastest Excimer Laser, a thorough pre-operative diagnosis and the use of single use disposables for the surgery. This rare combination makes it the safest number one removal approach.



  • Advanced Blade free LASIK Technology
  • We use the Advanced Blade Free Femotsecond Laser, which is a safer technology in the world of number removal surgeries today. This technology eliminates the use of any blades in the procedure and makes surgery safe, precise and predictable. Additionally, it gives a greater control to the surgeon thereby enabling him to customize the surgery for each eye.


Thorough Pre-op Diagnosis

  • The Procedure begins with a series of diagnostic tests and examinations. Based on these tests, the surgeon decides if the patient is a suitable candidate for the Lasik. These tests also assist the surgeon in properly planning the surgery according to the patient’s eye and lifestyle requirements.
  • Use of Single use Disposables
  • We ensure that we only use single use disposables during the surgery. This eliminates any risk of infection in the eyes and also improves the efficiency of the surgery.
  • Globally Awarded Doctors
  • For Lasik surgeries, the skill of the surgeon is as important as the technology being used. The Lasik team at Our centre comprises of Exceptionally  trained eye surgeons who have received numerous awards and accolades for their contribution to the field of eye care.


  • The patient undergoes a comprehensive eye exam to check the overall health of the eyes. These tests include detailed optical maps and biometric testing of the eyes from wavefront scans and corneal tomography. Based on these results we determine whether or not the patient is a suitable candidate for Lasik to ensure safety of the eyes. Thereafter, the patient undergoes customized laser vision correction using the advanced blade free femtosecond laser. This eliminates the use of mechanical blades and makes the procedure much safer. Additionally, we use the tissue sparing fastest excimer laser to ensure corneal safety. After the procedure, the surgeon and the counselor continue to meet with the patient for post-operative testing and follow-up care.



Implantable contact lenses (ICLs), also known as phakic IOLs, correct vision in much the same way that external contact lenses do, except ICLs are placed inside the eye where they permanently improve vision. Implantable contact lenses are inserted through a small incision in the cornea and placed behind the iris and in front of the natural lens. These thin, pliable lenses can be an alternative to LASIK surgery and are used to correct conditions that laser surgery may be unable to correct.