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December 2013 (THE HINDU)

Telemedicine and Eye care services

Recent technological improvements have broken down the barriers of communication between specialist and patient, and have improved doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Kavitha Lakshmi, consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr. K. K. Surgical and Pediatric Center, Selaiyur tells us the analysis of clinical research and availability of raw credible data have ensured a diversification in diagnostics, with a greater proportion of intervention and treatment modalities being engendered. Technology, she opines, has brought about much change. “It helps us document our diagnosis and share the information with the doctor in charge of the insurance instantly. Besides building trust and transparency, technology also help us in informing, educating and involving patients in dicision-making.” Dr. Kavitha agrees the telemedicine may be the way forward. She says, “There is scarcity of medical specialists in rural areas – telemedicine will fill the gap. It can help in screening and detecting early diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma changes. As also prevent irreversible blindness that is setting in. With the help of paramedics, the telemedicine unit helps in imaging the eyes and the finer retina details. The busy consultant sitting in his chamber can see the digital picture or video of the normal or diseased eye and offer his expert opinion / advice even to people in the remotest of all villages.”

Post Author: Dr. KK Surgical and Paediatric centre


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