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The state-of-the art  Phacoemulsification cataract surgery technique is performed with no injection, no needle, no stitch, and no patch. Before the development of this technique, anaesthesia for cataract surgery was generally given by a needle injection behind the eye. This would not only numb the eye, but also paralyse the eye movement. Utilising the injection, a patch over the treated eye was required post operatively. With this procedure, there is a risk of the needle perforating the eye or blindness from severe bleeding behind the eye. There is also the risk of a droopy eyelid and permanent double vision from the injection. Also, patients on blood thinners, such as Clopilet, Deplat or Ecosprin  may be advised to discontinue their medication for several days pre operatively. This poses a great risk to patients in regards to blood clots and stroke.

The no injection, no needle, no stitch, and no patch cataract surgery has dramatically grown in popularity due to its safety and success. This new procedure replaces the needle injection with the use of topical numbing eye drops as the anaesthetic.

There is also minimal to no bleeding because the small incision is made through the clear cornea which does not contain blood vessels. Patients do not have to stop their blood thinners. After the surgery there is no need for a patch because the eye drops do not paralyse the eye and cause double vision like the needle injection. In addition, with the small, self-sealing sutureless wound there is less inflammation, less ocular discomfort, and less induced astigmatism. Due to the speedy recovery, many patients are seeing well the same day of surgery. The operative eye frequently looks as good as the other eye as if no procedure was performed! Patients return to their daily activities in 3 to5 days. With the recovery being quicker, those patients who need glasses will be able to obtain the correct prescription earlier than they could with the older surgical techniques.

Dr K Kavitha Lakshmi

Chief Eye Surgeon

Department of Ophthalmology

Dr KK Surgical & Paediatric Centre

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